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One-Day Photography Workshop (Photo Tour/Adventure)

Four hour private workshop: flexible scheduling
Location: various outdoor locations on Whidbey Island
Tuition: $300 (add $75 for each additional photographer, max 4, transportation is not provided)

Each workshop is a fun mix of Whidbey Island sightseeing and intensive digital photography skill-building. We will visit several different locations throughout the island that support the type of photography lessons you are most interested in learning. Be sure to dress in layers, bring water, and a snack.

Suitable for teens and adults. 

Contact me to schedule or call/text 360-639-4299.



Introduction to Encaustic or
Photo-Encaustic Painting

Three hour private or semi-private workshop: flexible scheduling
Location: in my Whidbey Island studio
Tuition: $300 (includes basic equipment/supplies)
Semi-private: add $150 for a second student

Encaustic painting is an ancient technique making a modern come-back! In a nutshell, melted beeswax is blended with pigments and painted while hot onto a variety of surfaces to create uniquely luminous artwork.

In this class you will learn history, safety, materials, sources and techniques to help you get started creating with encaustic medium on your own.

If you are interested in combining mixed media such as illustrations, photographs or ephemera into your encaustic creations, you may bring those materials with you to class (please note it is best if those inclusions are printed on absorbent media).

Suitable for teens and adults. 

Contact me to schedule or call/text 360-639-4299.

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