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Digital Photography Classes

All digital photography classes are now being booked via Hidden Wonders Photo Tours. Each "tour" is a mix of sightseeing and intensive digital photography skill-building. Any of the courses described below can be integrated into one four-hour photo adventure. Visit the website to select a day that works for your schedule. Indicate your time preference and I will adjust my schedule to accommodate!

HWPT websiteHWPT website

Getting the Most From Your Digital Camera

CLASS 1: Mastering Your Digital Camera (level: beg-int)

If your photos rarely look the way you remember the scene, this class is for you! In this class, we'll take control and explore our cameras beyond the auto and programmed settings, and discuss why and when to use the various manual modes. We’ll discuss shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and demonstrate not only how they work together to make a perfect exposure, but how to know when you have the right combination of settings.


CLASS 2: MAKE Photos, Don't Just TAKE Them (level: int)

Everyone can TAKE a picture. Just press the button and you have a respectable snapshot. But how does one begin MAKING quality digital photographs? If you've completed the Mastering your digital camera class or already have a firm grasp of manual modes, this class is for you. In this class, we'll discuss what makes an exceptional photograph and learn techniques to help achieve your unique photographic vision. We'll compare lenses to illustrate how depth of field affects a scene, work with tripods and long exposures, and even experiment with “painting with light”. By the end of this class you will have the knowledge you need to begin MAKING beautiful photographs!


CLASS 3: Composing Like an Artist (level: beg-adv, any camera type)

It's the photographer, not the camera, that makes a great photograph. Yes, you must have a firm grasp of the technical aspects of photography, but the camera itself is only a tool. You are the artist. In this class you'll learn how to begin to “see” like an artist, and how to use the camera to record that vision. We'll discuss framing, subject placement, rule of thirds, leading lines, the Fibonaci curve, horizons, reflections, contrasting elements, and lots more. By the end of this class, you'll not only feel excited and empowered, you'll have some concrete examples to apply to your work.


CLASS 4: Shooting the Night Sky (level: int-adv)

Capturing stunning images of the night sky is surprisingly easy. All you need is a decent DSLR, a wide angle lens, few other simple tools, and you’re good to go. The only real difficulty is getting the convergence of a night with no moon AND no clouds! In this nighttime class we'll shoot a variety of subjects: Milky Way, star trails, painting with light, aurora borealis/northern lights (WA only), etc.


CLASS 5: Photo Editing with Photoshop and Lightroom (level: int-adv)

Why does the color in my photos look so washed out? How do I get the color in the sunset AND enough light in the shadows? Why is there a yellow or blue cast on the image? Digital camera sensors are nowhere near as sensitive as the human eye. To compensate for this limitation, photographers and software developers have developed some ingenious tricks and tools. In this class, you'll learn the basics of what Photoshop and Lightroom do: where they are distinct, and where they overlap. We'll discuss RAW vs. jpg and how to assess an image for editing. We'll even touch on HDR and exposure bracketing to help you create images with more dynamic range. Bring a laptop (with Photoshop and Lightroom installed) and one image you would like to improve (RAW format if possible). Bring a laptop (with Photoshop and Lightroom installed), and one image you would like to improve (RAW format if possible).






ArtBiz Atelier

Private instruction or small groups (min. 4)
Costs: register for the entire series or just the workshops you need
Tuition: $125 group/$450 private
Individual 3hr workshops - $200 private / $50 per person, your group of 4+
Full workshop series - $700 private / $175 per person, your group of 4+

Become a business-savvy artist. Join me for this series of lectures and workshops on Whidbey Island - the ArtBiz Atelier. Monthly lectures and workshops to help you learn to get the best results for your art business.

• Photographing Your Artwork
• Artist Statements and Bios
• Develop Your Personal Brand
• Websites and Social Media
• Portfolio Development
• Delivering an Artist Talk

Contact me to schedule.



Introduction to Photo-Encaustic

Three hour private workshop: flexible scheduling
Location: in my Whidbey Island studio
Tuition: $300 (includes basic equipment/supplies)

Give your digital photographs new life - learn the alchemy of photography + encaustic painting to jazz up those images and make beautiful artwork!

Photo-encaustic is a relatively new synthesis of ancient encaustic painting techniques (beeswax, tree resin and heat) and contemporary photography. Combining encaustic with your original photographic images can create a mystical, luminous or dimensional quality not often found in traditional photography. Adding textures such as brush strokes, scratches or incisions, pigments, and/or mixed media and found objects offers an unlimited source of inspiration. Images can be embedded in or transferred to the encaustic surface, and the result is a personal and soulful artistic expression. In this class, you'll learn basic encaustic painting and photographic transfer techniques, collage and composition. Suitable for teens and adults. 

Contact me to schedule.

horses-on-film-in-progresshorses-on-film-in-progress TINUVIEL_LoveNote_TINUVIEL_LoveNote_


The Magic of Music Theory

Beginning or Advanced, private or small groups (min. 4)

Six 90 minute sessions: flexible scheduling
Location: in my Whidbey Island studio
Tuition: $125 group/$450 private (textbook purchase required)

BEGINNING: Learn the basic mechanics of how music works. Understand and apply this new knowledge to practice and performance of your chosen instrument or new compositions. We'll quickly move through the basics and spend most of the class time on key signatures, chromatic and major scales, intervals, basic solfege and transposition, triads and dominant-seventh chords.

ADVANCED: Continue to learn the mechanics of how music works. Understand and apply this new knowledge to practice and performance of your chosen instrument or new compositions. We'll quickly brush up on the basics and then spend most of the class time on chord inversions and progressions, minor scales and modes, and harmonizing melodies. Some solfege will also be covered. 

Contact me to schedule.